Window Care

We know that clients value a clean and appealing facade. And windows are among the first thing that people see in an office or commercial establishments. Dusty and dirty windows don’t look so inviting. Dust, dirt, and grime that accumulates on windows make commercial spaces appear dark. It also makes the inside look dull because they don’t allow natural light. This is also a threat to the health of the employees. Pollutants accumulate over time and may cause serious allergic reactions, skin and respiratory problems.

Regular window cleaning helps avoid dust, allergens and grime build-up. It gives comfort and a breath of fresh air. It makes office space appear bigger and more appealing. Clean and shiny windows also help improve the appearance of the building. Window cleaning may be a simple task but it is as important as other regular work maintenance.

And our team will be glad to help you out because we have the right window cleaning solution for you. We do provide window cleaning services either as part of our custodial package or as a standalone component. Coastal provides qualified window cleaning ranging from interior, exterior, windows screen, blinds, and newly constructed windows. We keep commercial windows clear, smudge and mist free. Our team doesn’t just do regular cleaning, we maintain sparkling office and business windows in and out.

Our team handles all the interior windows and exterior windows up to three stories high. With over years of experience in the cleaning industry, we have partnered with an experienced and licensed team to cover this risky task. We use one of our highly reputable licensed and bonded sub-contractors to complete the cleaning with higher window requirements. They are equipped with high-tech equipment to provide state of the art cleaning service. Our team ensures client satisfaction without compromising the safety of our well-trained window cleaners. Coastal abides with cleaning regulations, occupational safety, and health standards. There are no three-story high windows that our team can’t clean.

If you have any windows in need of care, we got you. We manage the entire project so you are free to take care of more pressing concerns.

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